MICROPARTICLE ENGINEERS (P) LTD was started with the aim of providing quality machinery at affordable price , which has become our Unique Selling Proposition. The companies have got all inbuilt facilities for manufacturing of processing equipment for paint, printing ink, rubber, resin, chemical, chocolate, pharmaceutical formulation, food, cosmetic & bulk drug manufacturing plants.
MIKRONS is an India based plant & machinery manufacturing company. Our firm is located in Chennai.
Within the twenty one years, that we have been known to the industries, we have successfully introduced no. of new products in the field of paint manufacturing industry, printing ink industry, industrial coatings, chemical industry, resin plant, pharmaceuticals formulations , Cosmetics, Food Industries & Bulk Drugs manufacturing industries.
We have been researching, designing, developing and manufacturing all process equipments in par with international standards since we are continuously exporting our machines to developed countries like United Kingdom, Australia and the Middle East countries.
Our line of business covers equipments like
Attritor ,Agitator, Ball mill, Bead mill, Basket mill, Colloid mill, High speed disperser, Edge runner, Jar mill, Mixer, Low speed paddle mixer, Variable speed mixer, Paste mixer, Ribbon Blender, Pug mixer, Nauta mixer, Sand/Perl mill, Triple roll mill, Two roll mill, Planetary mixer, Slow speed mixer, High speed mixer, Twin Shaft mixer, Multi shaft mixer, Sigma kneader, Rotor-Stator mixer, Homogenizer/Emulsifier, High Shear mixer, Conical blender, V Blender, Double cone blender, Suspended mixer