Design Highlights
The unique tensioning system of the "new" Series minimizes the free play in the roller ball bearings ensuring a more constant gap and ultimately a finer, more uniform particle size in the product. And the gap is easily set with a single hand wheel for parallel roller adjustment to 3-5 microns at its closest setting. The roller tensioning system and constant gap make it possible to use a variety of materials for the rollers.
Incorporated into MIKRONS models are unique safety features:
  • Scraper System with interchangeable blades
  • Single or dual roller speed
  • Frequency Inverter for Speed Control
  • Heating & Cooling System for the Rollers
  • Explosion Proof electrical
  • Product Dispenser
  • Solvent Dispenser
  • Stainless steel hopper
  • Splash tray to facilitate cleaning
  • Cleaning mode - The mill by default moves to the maximum gap
  • Reverse roller direction
  • Emergency stop function
  • Acrylic cover provided for the roller , operated with proximity switch
  • Quiet operation
  • Manual roll turning for safety while cleaning
  • Sealed water cooling
  • Safety clutch allows rolls to be turned for cleaning with motor off
  • Safety cover shields turning rolls
  • Roller and scraper blades out of different materials to prevent contamination of processed product
  - Stainless steel
- Ceramic
- Granite
- Chilled Cast Iron

  Rollers are made of precisely ground granite. This model is designed for mixing material that is sensitive to corrosion or metallic contamination. Its performance and structure are the same as regular three roll mills.